I was among the first lucky students that enlistet at 3D College in Grenaa under the management of GTS as it was called back then, and today called Viden Djurs. Back then the education only took 1 year, it was mere a platform to other educations you can continue with after this one. Today it is more a one-stop education.

It was a very good year for myself where I got some new friends witch I still write with today. Even if the year did not went smooth (what does?) We had to change teacher a few months into the beginning and we had to start all over. We still manage to get through the year, with good results.

We had a student trip to London where we were supposed to visit different companies that worked with 3D and Video Effects, but they cancled in the last second so no company visits. So we spend the time bonding and visiting museums and enjoy a cold one togehter.

Every week we had a subject we had to make a 3D model to, and every friday we had a meeting talking about each model and giving pros/cons about it, so we can get better. Some weekend we had special projects where we had company guest teachers, where we spend all weekend getting though this as a team.