Serif PagePlus X6 was a gamble for me in the beginning because I was writing a lot of Strategy guides for games and I wanted to do more with them than just a word document. So I started looking arround for solutions and I got a special offer in my e-mail about this program, with an offer I could not refuse.

It was hard for me to understand the program in the beginning but after some time I got more and more into it. I stated designing my book and a long the way other oppotunities came to me where I could make use of this ability that I could use it for other than making book designs, but also posters, flyers and business cards.

Today I am way past this program, and I see this is more a solution for entry level DTP people and people who just need something easy made. But today I am working with Adobe InDesign, but I still have this pice of software to my heart, since it all started with this “gamble” when I bought the program.

One of my first real projects was SKP brochure my school needed for an convention in Odense, so I got the job getting information for all departments, with pictures and text. And then put it all togehter in a way you would easy see information and some pictures showing the enviroment of the department. You can clik the link below to see the brochure.